21 Texture Surface Finishes of Wilsonart Laminate / High Pressure Laminate

Currently, laminate / HPL is a common material to be used as a layer of furniture or interior. HPL or also called High Pressure Laminate is one of the materials that is quite widely used, especially in the world of interior design. HPL is a coating material that is used as the top layer or finishing on wooden furniture so that it displays a smooth but textured appearance.

Have you ever struggled to find a laminate finish that suits your design needs? Wilsonart HPL has 21 surface texture variations that can complement your design visuals. Find the finishing variation for each of your designs with Wilsonart.

Wilsonart Laminate Finish Options:

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With a wide range of finishing options, Wilsonart can help you find a laminate finish that suits your design needs.

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