When High Performance Meets High Design become Total Solution for Your Lamination Needs

Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate (HPL) brings durable style and on trend design to residential and commercial interiors. Durable Wilsonart HPL can be enhanced to meet the specific performance needs of any project with the specific function of surface laminate. We’re proud to help you to find the solutions that meet sustainability and health goals.

Traceless High Performance Laminate

Traceless laminate is engineered with a smooth, ultra-matte texture and fingerprint-resistant technology that ensures smears, smudges, and streaks are seldom seen. Protect the surface from marks of fingerprint & impurities s can be removed effortlessly.

AEON Collections

Wilsonart AEON collections enhances laminate and maintains beauty over the long term, making the surface dramatically more durable with wear resistance as well as scratch, scuff, mark resistance.

Magnetic Laminate

Magnetic Laminate designed with integrating function and design into one solution.

Marker Board Laminate

The versatile surfaces that offer an interactive medium for sketching thoughts, sharing new ideas, or taking notes in real time. This laminate offer you a dual purpose board laminate for projection and dry or wet erase uses.

Solicor Laminate

Solicor laminate make your design more perfect with clean lines without visible edges.

Fire Rated Laminate

This laminate scientifically formulated to resist extreme heat and flames. Resistance to flame spread and smoke development in case of fire. Comes in a variety of colors and patterns that look great in any setting.

Compact Board Laminate

Strength against water, stream, and moisture. Compact board laminates suitable for both interior and exterior works (exterior grade).

Chemsurf Laminate

Wilsonart Chemsurf laminate is specifically designed for highly corrosive environments and resistant to the harshest of acids, bases and solvents – but not at the expense of design and style.

When Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate offer you a high performance that meets high design become total solution for your lamination needs. Do you want to know more about Wilsonart laminate? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team will give you a free consultation about the product or customize your laminate needs. Get your Wilsonart laminate catalog and samples today!

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