How to Choose The Right High-Pressure Laminate based on Your Next Project

High-pressure laminate (HPL) is a finishing material generally applied to furniture, such as table surfaces, cabinets, kitchen sets, or interiors. With the variety of HPL motifs and colors, interior designers have more freedom to design creatively.

Most of the HPL is used in commercial spaces or places where there is high pressure on the surface area. From bench tops to counters, HPL can be used for any space, such as panels, countertops, and interior walls, with end-use applications in offices, schools, restaurants, airports, hospitals, shops, hotels, retail stores, and other commercial premises. Apart from these selected spaces, HPL is used for various other commercial spaces that require decoration with high durability. HPL comes with variations and can be selected for different building structures. There are various benefits that you need to know when choosing the right HPL for your home, office, or upcoming project.

Currently, getting HPL is very easy. Therefore, it is important to be selected in choosing materials that are of high quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly. The quality of HPL can affect the quality of life of its users. Are you interested in using HPL (High-Pressure Laminate)? Before that, you should first take a look at the Wilsonart HPL collection which can complement your lamination needs according to the project to be carried out.

Anti fingerprint laminates for your office

Offices are high-traffic areas where furniture is touched by many people, attracting lots of fingerprints that are difficult to clean. Installing an anti-fingerprint laminate minimizes the constant need to clean the surface of your furniture. In addition, it makes furniture always look clean.

Wilsonart Traceless with a velvety surface that can be touched without leaving any traces. The unique fingerprint-resistant technology with our special coating process permanently protects the surface from marks and allows you to realize your most ambitious ideas for high-quality interior fittings. Fingerprints have no chance, impurities can be removed effortlessly. Whether doors, wall claddings, or top-class pieces of furniture.

White marker-board laminates for work

Wilsonart marker board laminate offers great versatility and decorative opportunities as a dual-purpose board for projection and dry or wet-erase uses. Wilsonart Marker Board is an excellent surface for office conference rooms, school classrooms, hospitals, or cafeterias.

Chemical Resistant laminate for laboratory / salon / hospital

Wilsonart Chemical Resistant laminate is a solution provider for the laboratory that answers the challenge of highly corrosive environments and provides exceptional chemical and water resistance in an extensive array of decorative patterns. Wilsonart Chemsurf is resistant to 149 stains and chemical agents. Suitable for Medical and educational laboratory cabinets, casework, counters, and table tops in hospitals, dark rooms, beauty salons, and product testing laboratory.

Extra wear for long lasting surface laminate in home

Wilsonart AEON technology creates a surface that is dramatically more durable than before. Laminate with AEON technology outperforms traditional laminate in wear resistance as well as scratch, scuff, and mark resistance. Enhanced performance laminates are 3 to 5 times more resistant than traditional laminates, while wear resistance reaches 1,200 cycles, outperforming the standard by three times.

Magnetic laminates for office or school

Wilsonart Magnetic board integrates functionality and design into one solution bringing a new way to manage and display important information, pictures, or decorative items adding decoration to the rooms.

Custom laminates for all design

Create the perfect laminate with customized laminate by Wilsonart, we provide extraordinary design solutions that can be customized for your surface.

Get Wilsonart to suit your needs. We offers every design solution for your interior spaces. All of our products meet the highest quality standards in the industry and are produced with care to ensure beauty, durability and performance.

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