Why Wilsonart is total solution for your lamination needs?

After going through the pandemic, not only our lifestyle has changed. Trends in interior design have also changed by implementing the new-normal concept of prioritizing better spaces for activities. The design of a room, the materials used, and the arrangement of objects in it must be able to have a good impact on its users. The concept of healthy design that you can do is adding anti bacterial materials to interior elements.

That’s why Wilsonart Laminate became the total solution for your interior and furniture for laminate finishing needs. Check out the following article to find out more about Wilsonart laminate.

More than 600 collections of motifs and textures can be adjusted to your design needs

Wilsonart has more than 600 collections of motifs, textures, colors, and design patterns that are very varied and can be adapted to your design needs. If you need a special design for your projects like color, pattern, or design, Wilsonart can make it happen with a custom laminate design by Wilsonart.

In addition, the entire Wilsonart laminate collection can be customized with a choice of 21 finishing textures. Whatever your design, Wilsonart can help you make it happen.

Hygienic and anti-bacterial to prevent the risk bacterial and germ growth

Material selection for interior design is very important, one of which is by paying attention to the materials used in the interior.

In a healthy design concept, we don’t only pay attention to the space for good activities. But the material in the interior must include anti-bacterial indeed. Wilsonart laminate is equipped with anti bacterial materials to make it a new habit to improve the quality of life for long-term use.

Certifications Certified Greenguard & Green Label Laminates

Wilsonart is also equipped with international certifications, namely Green Guard Certifications, and Green Label Laminates to support the improvement of a better quality of life. This certification scientifically meets chemical emission standards to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of exposure to chemicals and bacteria.

Do you want to know more about Wilsonart laminate? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team will give you a free consultation about the product or customize your laminate needs. Get your Wilsonart laminate catalog and samples today!

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